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Baxter Insurance has been in the insurance business for a quarter of a century, offering the best insurance policies you'll find anywhere. In addition to the normal policies such as life, home & auto, we also provide specific plans for all of your watercraft and off-road items. Here's a short breakdown:

BOATS: Having a boat and knowing it is protected whether you're out on the lake or if it's sitting in the marina unattended, is what every watercraft owner desires. Just like with any vehicle, accidents happen. Having a policy that protects you and anyone else who is injured is of utmost importance. Other types of incidents where boat insurance comes into play include random acts of Mother Nature, boat damage while sitting in the stall, or even total loss by the boat sinking. Baxter Insurance Boat Insurance Plans provide peace of mind by protecting against these possibilities and more.

JET SKIS: Jet Skiing and many other water-based pursuits are often labeled dangerous or 'extreme.' These activities are not normally covered by any kind of personal insurance, travel insurance, or even boat insurance. Jet Ski Insurance is a separate policy you would need if you want to be covered in the event of injury while you are jet skiing. It also covers damage caused to your jet ski. This insurance is also known as Personal Watercraft Insurance. Other vessels such as WaveRunners and Sea-Doos are also covered because they are similar in their nature. Baxter Insurance has the perfect plan for your Jet Ski protection!

UTVs & ATVs: Don't rely on your homeowner's or auto insurance policies to protect your off-road vehicle in the case of an accident. Those insurance policies often provide little, if any, supplemental coverage for your off-road vehicles. Baxter Insurance UTV/ATV Insurance can help protect you, your passengers, your vehicle, and even someone else's property.

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